What is Family About At Hilltop?

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A biological family consists of parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and distant relatives. Beyond blood relatives, the extended family includes friends, coworkers, and church members. Regardless if immediate or extended, family is about..



Making meaningful connections. Whether it is local or out-of-town, we love being in the company of family during this holiday season. During these special moments it is vital we leave the mobile devices behind and connect with our family members with the love of Jesus in word and deed. Nothing is more heartfelt than or replaces the importance of face-to-face communication with our loved ones.

Building lasting relationships. During the holidays, it is imperative that we as a family set aside differences and strife to keep relationships together with Christ-like humility, kindness, grace and mercy. Aim to see the good in all and forgive the bad in those other few. What better time than now to give the gift of forgiveness and forge ahead into the New Year with a renewed relationship with a lost loved one?   


Loving unconditionally, “one to another”.  As Christ has loved us, we as a body of believers are commanded to love family as ourselves, unconditionally, for love “covers a multitude of sins.” We truly love our family even if they have not reciprocated love back or have let us down. In God’s Providence, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by loving others the way Jesus loved us, just like He did on the day of His glorious birth to His finished work on Calvary!

Standing on strong faith. Families with strong faith stand firm on the Word, weather any storm, and endure any trial that tries to shake their faith. Families with strong faith do the Will of God and serve others with fervent passion. Families with strong faith proudly proclaim, “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”!

For the last month of 2016, during this Christmas season, let us build and keep relationships with family, with a humble, grateful spirit, on the foundation which is on the Rock, Christ Jesus!