Every year as November draws near, we enthusiastically look forward to the season of Thanksgiving. We think of autumn leaves, cool crisp breezes, family, food, and a time of fresh purity. But do we stop to really think of what this November season is set apart for? Do we take time to meditate on a season of Thanks-Giving?  

I wrote the following in my journal last Sunday as Bro. Willis preached about the need to fully thank God for His blessings, to actually take all the blessing the Lord has given us, without picking through His gifts, picking and choosing those we desire in life, and those we might rather do without.


  “I am in a spiritual battle against everything I see (which is in the world all around me as it turns upside down, and rejects that which is good and right). I need to remember that I am a completely new and separate species than those of and in the world, and I need to GIVE MYSELF, my everything to God—-It is only in gratitude because He has already given everything to and for me.”


God has given us true life. Through His sacrifice on the cross, He has re-established the pure relationship with Him for which He created us. When we are filled with the Living Water of the Holy Spirit, we are not metaphorically born-again—we are actually born again—in the likeness of our Lord and Savior. We become new beings!! Could there possibly be anything more wonderful and exciting? And God gave us this blessing. It is gift given freely, no strings attached, no expectations; just a gift of love.

But, we have to accept His gift. To accept His blessing; new and eternal life in Jesus means simply that—We have a new and eternal life in Jesus. To have this gift, we must accept it in whole. One does not accept a new home then requests that the floor, ceiling, kitchen, or south wall be removed first. If one did such they would not be accepting the home as a gift; they would be accepting parts of a house and adding or subtracting their own portions. God has given us the gift; all we have to do in return is accept it.