As we come to the conclusion of the month of September, may our Focus on VISION: Expectancy & Foresight, continue to create in us a relentless pursuit to realize the vision for Hilltop Tabernacle.

The word vision can bring about incredible mental images of supernatural encounters between God and man. It is during these divine appointments that the Lord empowers His chosen to complete a special task.  In Exodus 3, Moses has such an encounter, when he turns to see the burning bush that was not consumed. He saw the bush and heard a voice speak from it, and Moses knew it was God.  The sight Moses saw was of God, the orders Moses received were of God, but it wasn’t until enslaved Israel put on their spiritual bifocals, that they too, could catch the vision of liberty. Moses had to cast the vision, but Israel had to heed the call.

Then later, when Israel finally leaves Egypt, the bible speaks of God leading the people by way of a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night (Exo. 13:21). The vision wasn’t for Moses alone, the people also had a vision; they too needed to see where they were going; they needed to follow the fire and the man of God if they wanted to receive their promise.

If we as 21st century Israel desire to make it to our land that flows with glory and blessings, we too, must ensure that our man of God who stands before the burning bush, is not the only one with the vision. As we march into the last quarter of 2016 let us endeavor to catch the vision of our leadership and in doing so realize God’s great promises for Hilltop!